Thursday, 23 October 2014

Meet the Designer: Caighli Taylor

We are extremely excited to announce that Sassy World is going to start stocking amazing independent designers and our very first designer is the incredibly inspiring, colourful sass queen Caighli Taylor. I first stumbled across Caighli on Instagram when she tagged Sassy World in a photo of her wearing some vintage she had bought from us. It was quite literally love at first sight as I was infatuated with Caighli's wonderfully bold style. 

It was after a while of following Caighli on Instagram (@cai.tay) when I noticed she was making pieces for herself that were out of this world. I enquired about whether she was going to ever sell anything and that she totally should! Caighli's designs were like those out of my dreams and I couldn't let her talents go unseen. Me and Caighli had formed a cyber, fashion friend relationship and after going to visit her in Bristol it was confirmed that Caighli was going to make her first ever collection and it was going to be debuted on Sassy World. 

Seeing as this is the first ever collection, Caighli is keeping it small and unique. It is a capsule collection, all items are one offs but if something proves popular with you sasspots then you never know what might happen!
Read my interview with Caighli Taylor below to find out more about this talented young lady.

Samples and patterns from Caighli's collection

Caighli wearing her rainbow sequin flared jumpsuit

Amazing illustrations from Caighli's design sketchbook 

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself
Originally I'm from up north - Skelmersdale near Liverpool - but I've been living in Bristol for about 3 years working as a criminal barrister. That's something I've always wanted to do and I really enjoy it, but I've always been creative too and obsessed with clothes! A few years ago my grandad bought me a sewing machine, and sewing and designing has been a passion ever since. Some people find the contrast between this and my job surprising but it works for me! 

2. Describe your personal style in three words
Brazen, bold and fun!

3. What can't you live without?
Probably the contents of my wardrobe! They're irreplaceable - probably a decade's worth of scouring and trawling and searching for clothes I love! 

4. If you could spend a day doing whatever the hell you want, what would you do?
It would probably involve lots of things like a bit of sewing and designing, a fair bit of eating, and exploring - I love walking round and finding cool buildings and crazy public spaces, or mooching around galleries.  

5. Who is your style icon?
Probably my Nanna Mojo especially when I see photos of her from the 80s. She's always been bold and brazen, but also sophisticated and really good at putting outfits together - still to this day she looks incredible!!

6. Tell us a bit about your first ever collection being debuted on Sassy World 
Most things I make are vintage inspired and this collection is no different - I've taken inspiration from the most dramatic and fun aspects of fashion in the 70s, 80s and 90s. There is a real contrasting mix of textures - hand-painted prints, sequins, faux fur etc.  I love the ridiculousness of wearing bold lettering and graphics -  something done in the 80s and 90s so much better and bolder than how it's done today.  The pieces are quite sexy, but there's also definitely a sense humour in this collection! 

7. What are your hopes for the future?
Such a big question!! I love what I do at the moment, and I'd just love to be able to continue to design and make clothes, and see lots of people having fun wearing them!

Caighli Taylor's collection will be released on Sassy World at the beginning of November.

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