Monday, 22 February 2016


"Hey! Nope, too boring. Hola! What no, you're not Spanish. Howdy! You are most certainly not a cowboy, Hannah."

These are genuinely the thoughts that just went through my head whilst trying to decide how to open my first blog post for Sassy World. There's a lot of pressure on a girl when she gets a dream opportunity like this, you know! I may not have been blogging for too long myself but I can promise you guys 3 things: 1) I know fashion. 2) I know the 90s. 3) I know sass. Endless, cosmic, gargantuan, amounts of sass. So much sass it hurts. So much so that...well you get the point, a whole lotta sassiness.

But just you get to know the gal behind the sarcastic remarks, here's a lil Q&A for you all - enjoy!

Name: Hannah Marie Russell
Location: Hertfordshire, UK (basically London for those who have no idea where Hertfordshire is)
Fave Colour: 100% pink!
Fave 90s Film: Clueless or She's All That
What's the sassiest item of clothing you own: A pair of pink, velvet ankle boots
Sum up your style in 3 words: Quirky, experimental, temperamental 
Most prized possession: A pistol necklace that I've had since I was 13
Who's your style icon: Am I allowed to say the Confetti Crowd? (Sassy World girl boss, Helena is part of it!) Shortly followed by my older sister.
What beauty product can't you live without: Dry shampoo - the inventor deserves a medal.
Pick 3 celebs to have at a dinner party: Ryan Reynolds, James Cordon & Jennifer Lawrence

Stay tuned for sassy inspo, girl boss crushes, nail tutorials and more!

Hannah Russell x

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