Sunday, 28 February 2016


Stop. Right now. Thank you very much! 

I was only 4 when Spice World: The Movie came out but it changed my life. I was obsessed, making my Mum put it on repeat, back in the days of VHS when you had to rewind all the way back to the beginning. I'll admit though, I probably hadn't watched this in about 16 years since 2000 when the girls split up (such a tragedy!), however when the film was recently released on Netflix my young 90's heart ached. The nostalgia came flooding in & by the end of watching, I was downloading their albums.

We all know that this movie isn't exactly a Tarantino or a Spielberg but that's what makes it so fab! The one liners, the celeb cameos & the plot twists that make absolutely no sense. The inside of a tour bus that's bigger than Harrods. Don't even get me started on the aliens. 

Apart from being strangely hilarious, the film is full of crazy outfits & platforms galore. How those girls didn't break their ankles I'll never know! My personal favourites have to be Ginger's feather collared corset & Baby's babydoll & tiara combo - what a princess.

Looking past the sass & the fashion though, Spice World is really just full of little life lessons on friendship & of course, girl power. Check my round-up of all the best bits below, make sure to get yourself over to Netflix & next time you're out with your gang, just make sure to slam your body & wind it all around. (God I love puns!)

Hannah Russell x

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