Tuesday, 1 March 2016


I've always loved doing my nails & after training as a beauty therapist, that love grew. I taught myself how to do nail art & now I'm going to teach Sassy World readers! This is one of my favourite designs as it's crazy colourful although it does take a steady hand, but if you've got the time & the patience then it's well worth it.

Here's what you'll need:
A nail file - Cuticle remover/oil - Cuticle pusher & cutters - Thin nail art brush - Cotton wool - Nail polish remover - Base & top coats - White nail polish - A selection of super sassy coloured nail polishes

1. Start by giving your nails a file so they're nice & even. TOP TIP - always file in 1 direction, not back & forth as this can cause breaks & damage

2. Rub a lil cuticle remover or oil onto your cuticles to help soften before pushing them back. I love CND CuticleAway which I get from a beauty suppliers but you can get it off Amazon too.

3. Once pushed back, carefully nip your cuticles away. Don't go too far down though or you'll end up cutting yourself & we don't want any booboo's here!

4. Apply a base coat to protect your nails from any staining. I like to use OPI Nail Envy to keep my claws nice & strong.

5. To make your colours look brighter, apply a coat of white nail polish - I used OPI's Alpine Snow. 

6. Now to the fun part, the colour!  Just dip your brush into the polish & wipe any excess off back into the bottle. I used some Rimmel 60 Seconds polishes in Libertine (pink), Double Decker Red, One Last Tango, Chin Up Buttercup, Wedge of Lime & Lovey Dovey (purple). You can buy nail art brushes super cheap on eBay or Amazon, but I got this cute floral set from my local Sally's.

7. Start your design by creating a thin, wavy line in the middle of your nail.

8. Follow this line with your next polish, working your way up towards your cuticle. Keep going with this, alternating colours each time & making sure to clean your brush in between each colour with the remover & cotton wool.

9. Now go ahead & work from the middle down until you reach your tip, following the lines you've already made.

10. Fill in the corners of your nails & paint along the edge of your nail tip too.

11. If you need to, go back & smooth/even out any of your lines to make 'em as straight as possible.

12. Wait for your coloured polish to dry then apply a top coat - I used OPI's Rapidry. 

13. Take a moment to stare loving at the sass you've just created on your fingertips.


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