Tuesday, 15 March 2016


  1. YAY CLUELESS! I haven't watched this in so long. I'm hyped!
  2. I wanna be a kid in America.
  3. Damn Cher & her thick, luscious hair while I'm stuck with my thin lil mop.
  4. Seriously though, why are computerised wardrobes not a thing yet?! It's 2016, come on! 
  5. Lucy the maid cracks me up. 
  6. Cher's dad gets her a Jeep - mine got me a Toyota Yaris.
  7. Alright so Dionne lives in bloody castle.
  8. "She's my friend because we both know what it's like to have people be jealous of us."  
  9. Dionne & Cher have a handshake - why don't me & my bezzie have a handshake?
  10. Is a hat like Dionne's acceptable anywhere other than Ascot? 
  11. Matching best friend tartan should be more of a thing.                                                                
  12. Murray! Yes Donald Faison, such a great cameo.
  13. Did Dee slap him with a cheap hair braid? Yes, yes she did
  14. OH no you didn't Donald. time of the month                                                                                
  15. "Ugh as if!" Classic.                                                                                                                     
  16. Debating with a piece of gum on her finger. Classy Cher
  17. Amber, you sasspot                                                                                                                      
  18. Okay Cher also lives in a castle.
  19. Her mum died during a "a fluke accident during a routine liposuction" Well that sets the tone for this movie
  20. Love this Madonna look.                                                                                                              
  21. Hey, Paul Rudd! I wonder if he's embarrassed by this now he's a big ol' star
  22. Cher stop eating vegetables please while I'm sat here eating a whole tube of Pringle, succumbing to my inner whale
  23. Clueless proved to me that shopping will always make you feel better
  24. Best line of the whole film:                                                                                                          
  25. I saw Cher Horowitz wearing a black beret & knee high socks so I bought a black beret & knee high socks                                                                                                                             
  26. "Tardies" - what an odd word for being late
  27. "Surfing the Crimson wave" - what a Californian way of discussing periods
  28.  Marky Mark. Why isn't he modelling anymore?
  29. Cher a handful of M&M's does not make you a heffer. *A whole tub of Pringles does though Hannah so put them down!*
  30. Okay Mr Hall and Miss Geist are adorable
  31. Why didn't my school PE kits look like this? No, instead I had blue lycra shorts & an off-white polo that went bobbly after every wash
  32. BURNNN!                                                                                                                                    
  33. Oh my god Brittany Murphy. RIP you babe.
  34. Having watched this film so many times as a kid, I've only just picked up what Tai meant by "herbal refreshment" and why she was so shocked when Dee said they have coke...
  35. Jesus someone get Travis to wash his hair.
  36. Wait these girls are meant to be 15/16? AS IF!
  37. Why is it so aesthetically pleasing to watch Tai's red hair dye run through the bath?
  39. Tai is so cute                                                                                                                                 
  40. I want her curly hair
  41. Did the stylist that did Amber's hair go on to work on the Grinch? Serious Cindy-Lou vibes     
  42. Is it just me or does Elton look about 30?                                                                                  
  43. Travis you adorable buffoon
  44. Why did I never notice that they smoke weed in this before?
  45. Is Suck & Blow actually a thing? Like actually a game? Good Lord...
  46. They've been at that party for less than 5 mins & Murray's shaving his head. How does that even come about?!                                                                                                                        
  47. Whatever happened to the term "da bomb"?
  48. HA! Knocked out by a flying shoe!
  49. Why are they taking the snowman decoration home?
  50. Eurgh Elton, you big 30-year old perv
  51. Kick him in the nuts Cher!
  52. Matching your bag to your coat - how retro
  53. The robber just reminds me of my boyfriend when I try to talk fashion with him...                    
  54. Josh's girlfriend is the worst
  55. YAS Cher, school that bitch on Hamlet                                                                                  
  56. "It's my hips isn't it?" Every girls fear
  57. Again, these girls are 15/16 so why is it such a big deal she's a virgin?!
  58. "Hymenally challenged" Dead                                                                                                      
  59. I'm with Cher, so glad the 90's fashion trend isn't back for guys                                                  
  60. "Nice stems" - interesting way to compliment someone's legs
  61. Where did Cher put those flowers all day at school?
  62. "Duchess" - where else have I heard that term? Oh yeah...                                                           
  63. Christian is a tad cocky. My dad would hate him too.
  64. "I got a .45 & a shovel. I doubt anyone would miss you" Go on Mr Horowitz
  65. Someone smack the sunglasses of Christian's face. You're indoors you pleb.
  66. Cher, you're so eloquent
  67. Oh no it's cringe, it's so cringe. He's so gay
  68. So moving on from the 15/16 year old travesty, let's move on to the fact Cher & Josh are step-siblings...
  69. "When a boy comes you should always have something baking" life lessons
  70. Oh god it's so awkward.                                                                                                               
  71. He's SO obviously gay
  72. Oop, she's on the floor
  73. Oh no he's leaving, poor girl, that look of rejection is heartbreaking
  74. Yes Murray, dropping the truth.
  75. "Totally buggin'"
  76. Who the hell dangles a girl upside down in a mall? Such a random scene
  77. Oh how our heroine has fallen. Don't worry Cher I failed my driving test first time round too.
  78. Tai & Elton were never even dating - why has she got a memory box for him?
  79. To be fair, I'd be freaked out if my friend asked me to set her up with my brother
  80. Ooooh damn Tai, you bitch                                                                                                           
  81. On a more serious note though, I'm loving Cher's outfit here. I need a longline sheer shirt in my life
  82. Guys they're related. Okay, not blood but still.
  83. Are we seriously having a movie montage of cute moments between a step-brother & step-sister?
  84. Perfectly timed fountain. Props for production team there                                                          
  85. N'aww cute father daughter bonding.                                                                                            
  86. I might go give my dad a hug...
  88. I take back the comment about Travis' hair, he's a'ite,
  89. Josh should have hit that lawyer.
  90. He called her beautiful!
  91. Oh Jesus it's awkward
  92. Are they gonna kiss? Like I know it's coming but...
  93. They're gonna kiss
  94. They're kissing. It's official. She's kissing her step-brother.                                                         
  95. Aww Mr & Mrs Hall, QT's
  96. Obsessing over the flowers in Dee's hair                                                                                      
  97. Yes Cher, knock Amber to the floor, fight for that bouquet!
  98. Aww, don't you all just love a happy ending?!
  99. Wait, serious unanswered question - what did Cher's Dad think about her new relationship...?                                                                                                                                                      Hannah Russell x      

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