Monday, 7 March 2016


March 8th. Without googling, do you know why tomorrows date's important? No? Thought so. I guess it is slightly overshadowed by Mother's Day however if you have a set of ovaries & enjoy girl power you should definitely make yourself familiar with March 8th.

It is International Women's Day after all.

This global celebration has been going since the early 1900's, powering some influential marches & protests, campaigning great change for us ladyfolk. It's a day to celebrate all we've offered & achieved & also to stand up & fight for what we deserve - equality. 'Cause women are inspirational. We do some amazing things such as multi-tasking, dealing with menstrual cramps & oh yeah, we can grow tiny humans inside our stomachs - I'd like to see a guy give that one a go! 

All around the world there are events being held tomorrow in support of this wondrous day, including a festival in Palestine & a march through New Delhi. If you haven't heard of the @CreamSodaGirlz, check them out as they're hosting an event in London. Their BOSSY night is set to be big. plus the pink perfection that is Snoochie Shy, who's 1/5 Confetti Crowd, is part of this collective. To find a local event in your area, visit the IWD website here. While you're there, make sure to Pledge for Parity too, in order to help out with this gender equality debacle.

I'm sure you can all have your own lady-love's that you look up to, whether that's your Mum or a celeb, but here's 10 fab females we love & sticking to true Sassy World style, they're all connected to our fav decade - the 90s.

1. Helen Fielding - Author & creator of Bridget Jones, 1996. Thank you for creating a fictional character we can all relate to.

2. Bjork - Singer of 'It's Oh So Quiet' in 1995. Icelandic risk taker & boundary pusher.

3. Charlotte Pickles - Businesswoman & mother on the Rugrats, 1991-2003. Proving you can juggle work & family.

4. Mae Jemison - First African-American woman to travel space, 1992. One great leap for womankind

5. Donatella Versace - Creative Director of Versace, 1997. People speculated she couldn't do it...pfft!

6. Dame Stella Rimington - First female general director of MI5, 1992. The real life M from James Bond.

7.  Spice Girls - Girl band, 1994. Girl power by the bucket load.

8. Ab Fab's Eddie & Patsy - Vodka drinking, chain smoking TV duo, 1992. Changing the face of comedy TV forever.

9. Gwen Stefani - General awesome singer throughout the 90's. Portraying flamboyant fashion & a powerhouse voice.

10. Drew Barrymore - Wild child movie star, 1993. Followed her own style & now fights for the LGBT community.


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