Sunday, 6 March 2016


Romy & Michele's High School Reunion is one of those absolute cult classics for me. When my sister first introduced me to it, I was immediately in awe of the 2 hilariously embarrassing, yet real fashionista's.

To give you a little background, while on a mission to their school's 10 year reunion, BFF's Romy & Michele go on a last ditch attempt to become successful, well-rounded females. This involves the true to life struggles of finding jobs, finding men & losing weight. I'm pretty sure these are things we're all familiar with but the true beauty of this film is that it teaches us to throw all that rubbish out the window. Screw trying to please people, particularly men & malicious high school bullies.

In every school there will always be the "popular" girls who just need a face wipe & a slap, & there will always be the heart throb who ruins the Prince Charming persona that Disney's fought so hard to create. However, if Romy & Michele can overcome their critics in all their feather-trimmed, metallic goodness then so can we ladies!

Although the screenplay has it's moments of being wildly far-fetched (& endlessly quoteable), this is really just about 2 gal pals sticking together & being true to themselves, something we need more of in this world. Female empowerment shouldn't be mocked, it should be encouraged. As should business woman special's & interpretive dance to Cyndi Lauper.

See our fave fashion moments from the film below <3

Hannah Russell x


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