Sunday, 27 March 2016


Did you realise that in 4 years time, the 90s will have been 30 years ago? Yeah, makes you feel a bit old right?! 

You've probably already guessed this but here at Sassy World we're mahoosive fans of the 90's so the latest revival of all our childhood trends is building some serious excitement & nostalgia! Although I tend to look back at teen photos & think 'Hannah wtf were you thinking?', there are certain styles that I'm now ready to reinvent so I thought we'd have a look at a couple & how to wear 'em now:

1. Co-ords: Worn so well by Cher & her pals, co-ord's are back in a big way. Whether you go with a sleek trouser & blazer combo in ASOS or full-on Clueless in Love Too True, don't be afraid of a little bit of matching. There's also this vintage set which will be available on Sassy World @ 7PM tonight!

2. Platforms: I bet the Spice Girls were to blame for a surge of broken ankles throughout the 90's. If you're lucky enough to be a UK 6, you should definitely consider buying these rainbow flatforms on sale at Public Desire, or get Summer ready in these cute Topshop espadrille's

3. Chokers: I feel like chokers a bit like Marmite - some girls love 'em, some not at all. Personally I think if they were good enough for Britney, they're good enough for me! Regal Rose have a beautiful range of chokers, including this floral number.

4. Floral Hair Accessories: Drew, forever being the 90s hippie/grunge goddess, knew the importance of a mini garden in your hair. Go for a messy bun with a single, large flower or I like plaiting my hair then popping these mini ASOS hair clips throughout my braid.

5. Mum or Boyfriend Jeans: Typically high-waisted nowadays but this baggy fit is still highly coveted by all. Get your hands on a pair of old Levi's from ASOS Marketplace or how about these turquoise beauties which'll be available from us later this eve! (Bring on the stock drop...)

6. Crop tops: Get your midriff out ladies! Cute shrunken tee's have become a staple in my wardrobe, either layered under a dress or paired with some Mum jeans. Channel Kelly Kapowski in this printed Sassy World number or come back at 7PM to try & nab this sequinned crop.

7. Coloured Hair: This trend is particularly close to my heart after taking the plunge to go pink & blue the other week (more about this on ma blog). Follow the footsteps of Gwen & give your hair a makeover - these semi-permanent colours from Bleach are awesome!

8. Backpacks: Since reverting to the use of a backpack, I now really struggle to carry a normal handbag. How did I ever live without having both hands free?! You can go really old school with this bubble bag from Etsy or I love this faux-fur one from La Moda.

9. Slip Dresses: The cute girls wore them, the grungey girls wore them & now you should be wearing them! Yes people may mock you & say it looks like lingerie but these ignore these idiots cause slip dresses hid all sins & look sexy. No one's doing slip dress better than Motel right now.

PS. This is my last post for Sassy World so I just wanted to say big thank you to everyone who's read my ramblings & to Helena for letting me ramble. I'll probs be back at some point but you can check my blog in the meantime too. PEACE OUT PARTY PEOPLE!

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