Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Helen Ruth Van Winkle – this probably isn’t a name you instantly recognise but that's because this mega-babe is more widely renowned for being the one & only, Baddie Winkle. With the help of her great-granddaughter Kennedy (@psychicbabe) this 87 year old minx shot to internet stardom last year for being 100% badass, identified by psychedelic tee’s emblazoned with sassy slogans & marijuana leaves.

I never thought that I could become so immensely jealous of an octogenarians wardrobe but just one look at Baddie’s Instagram & you’ll be consumed by the green-eyed monster too. There’s colour, there’s cleavage, there’s sequins. She can even be seeing sporting a dress with her own face painted on it. Safe to say this is one confident pensioner & rightly so! Who says that as you get older your life should be confined to that of itchy cardi’s & ankle length skirts? Who says you can't flash a bit of thigh past 50?

While writing this however, I couldn’t help but think of the backlash that a 20 something would get for this behaviour & outfit choices – someone like Miley Cyrus. Photographed together, it’s hard not to notice the similar characteristics but the judgement that Miley receives compared to the praise Baddie gets does seem slightly unfair. Oh society, when will you learn to allow & accept all forms of personal expression?

Following on from the huge success she’s found in 2015, I’m sure 2016 is set to be just as wild for Baddie. I truly do wish great things for her – having created this persona as a way of coping with her husband’s death, this fab lady truly deserves it. I’m personally hoping she creates her own clothing line because I would rock the hell out of it!  
For inspo on how to be babein' no matter what your age, have a look at my favourite Baddie moments below & check @baddiewinkle for more awesomeness.

Hannah Russell x

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