Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Fashion blogger, plus-sized model, vintage clothing vendor - Isabel Hendrix must have one pretty impressive CV! The minute I laid eyes on this brightly-coloured cutie, I knew it was social media love. Her impressive wardrobe is certainly enviable but more importantly, its Isabel’s positivity & body confidence that sets her apart from the crowd.

Never one to blend in, Ms Hendrix’s Instagram is a portfolio of fun, showcasing an array of figure hugging miniskirts & crop tops. Her signature style is so playful, so true to herself & unafraid of what many expect in the fashion world, making her somewhat of a rebel & probably a top reason as to why I adore her so. I wish I looked half as good as this beauty, breaking all the rules. Her clothing site, Tunnel Vision (@tunnelvision) is equally as fabulous, full to the brim of technicolour goodness & somewhere I can easily splurge far too much money – thank god for worldwide shipping! 

In a world where girls are often being told that skinny is beautiful & perfection is something to strive towards, this babe is promoting a different angle & hitting the nail on the head. In an interview with Golden Boy Press, Isabel said she just wanted to “see the world become a better place, a more equal place, a more loving place.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. Using the internet to inspire, she’s fast becoming a true icon for everyone to look up to, not just females. I know a fair share of guys who could work on their self-love too!

If you’re a fan of sartorial risk taking, take a looksee at our favourite shots below & get yourself over to @isabel_hendrix on Instagram to lose yourself in her rainbow world.


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